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Oct 26, 2016 | Jared Robertson | 1000 views
A request for player families ages 10 - 14 (research)
Dear parent/guardian,  
Your child is invited to participate in a study:   Early Adolescent Athlete’s Preferred Leadership Styles and Behavior of Youth Sport Coaches; An Observation Between Team and Individual Sports.   which looks at young athlete’s preferences of their coach’s leadership and behavior styles within sport (whether you participate in an individual, team, or both types of sports). 

As a participant age 10-14 years old, your child will be asked to complete one survey that looks at preferred coaching leadership. The Leadership Scale for Sports (LSS) is a tool that helps measure athlete’s preferences of their coaches in different situations. Please note there are no wrong answers and that their opinion matters. When completing the survey, please think of coaching preferences in the sport context that was listed (if they are participating in a team sport, think of a sport coach in your team sport, if it is individual, please think of what you would prefer in that setting).   Voluntary participation in this study will take approximately one session of 10 – 15 minutes of their time. It is greatly appreciated and with intentions that as an athlete can get a better understanding of your expectations of sport coaches in your life. The information can also help future sport clubs pass information on to coaches who can make youth athlete experiences better from a developmental, skill, and social aspect.   Since this study pertains to participants under the age of 18, the parent/guardian reading and distributing this study to their child will be assumed that you have agreed for them to participate in this study. As a youth participant, they also have a choice to participate. If at any time they do not want to participate, they may exit the screen with no harm or penalty of the study.   Please note that this voluntary study and data collection is completely hidden and no information will be collected that would tell us who you or your child is. All surveys will be administered through Survey Monkey, a reliable, established-site to ensure proper collection of information and privacy. This study has been reviewed and received ethics clearance through the Research Ethics Board at Brock University [file #:15-319 - SULLIVAN]. 
Should parents/participants have any questions about their rights as research participants at any point throughout the study, please contact [email protected] 
or (905-688-5550 x3035).    
If you are interested in being a part of this study, please click the link below.   https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/BUCoachingPreferences   

Thank you very much!   

Matthew Ragogna Principal Student Investigator Brock University 
[email protected]   

Dr. Phillip Sullivan Professor, Department of Kinesiology Brock University, 
(905) 688-5550 Ext. 4787; 
[email protected]