Schedule & Results, Pro Oil Change House League Select Tournament, 2018-2019 (Barrie Minor Hockey)

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DivisionGame #TimeVenueVisitorResultHome
Friday, March 29, 2019
NVNV18:30 AMEB Green Barrie Colts6-4Collingwood Blackhawks
NVNV28:30 AMHolly 2 Innisfil Winterhawks2-1Windsor Jr. Spitfires
NVNV38:30 AMIRC Red Thornton Tigers2-4Quinte West Hawks
AAT19:00 AMEB Purpl Windsor Jr. Spitfires0-3Georgina Blaze
MAMA19:00 AMIRC Gold Whitby Wildcats7-1Woodstock Jr. Navy Vets
NVNV49:00 AMHolly 1 Oshawa Falcons1-7Mount Hamilton Blues
ATAT39:30 AMIRC Red Oshawa Hawks8-1Huntsville Otters
MAMA29:30 AMEB Green Barrie Colts2-5Oshawa Hawks
MAMA39:30 AMHolly 2 Oshawa Falcons0-4Oakville Rangers
AAT410:00 AMHolly 1 Barrie Colts1-0Oshawa Falcons
ATAT510:00 AMEB Purpl Ennismore Eagles4-0TNT Tornados
ATAT610:00 AMIRC Gold Ancaster Avalanche5-1Flamborough Sabres
ATAT210:30 AMEB Green Innisfil Winterhawks6-0Northumberland Nighthawks
ATAT710:30 AMHolly 2 Acton Chargers9-0Bradford Bulldogs
ATAT810:30 AMIRC Red Mount Hamilton Blues8-1Quinte West Hawks
MBMB111:00 AMEB Purpl Barrie Colts4-6Oshawa Hawks
PWPW111:00 AMIRC Gold Acton Chargers0-8Barrie Colts
PWPW211:15 AMHolly 1 Erin Hillsburgh Devils2-5Coronation Bengals
MBMB211:30 AMEB Green Richmond Hill Stars3-4Meadowvale Hawks ME82
PWPW311:30 AMHolly 2 Oshawa Hawks9-1Ancaster Avalanche
PWPW411:30 AMIRC Red Orangeville Flyers3-5Pickering Panthers
BTBT112:15 PMEB Purpl Ancaster Avalanche5-2Brantford 99ers
MBMB312:15 PMIRC Gold Pelham Panthers0-2Waterloo Wolves
BTBT212:30 PMHolly 1 Whitby Wildcats0-6Barrie Colts
BT (XOVER)BT312:45 PMHolly 2 Quinte West Hawks1-3Windsor Jr. Spitfires
BTBT412:45 PMIRC Red Lawfield Thunder6-0Niagara Falls Flyers
MMMM112:45 PMEB Green Meadowvale Hawks 1021-5Barrie Colts
BTBT51:30 PMIRC Gold Center Wellington Fusion1-2Mount Hamilton Blues
MMMM21:30 PMEB Purpl North Durham Warriors1-5Waterloo Wolves
MM (XOVER)MM31:45 PMHolly 1 Oshawa Hawks4-2Oakville Rangers
MMMM42:00 PMIRC Red Lawfield Thunder4-3Meadowvale Hawks 104
NV (XOVER)NV52:00 PMHolly 2 Windsor Jr. Spitfires1-6Barrie Colts
NV (XOVER)NV62:15 PMEB Green Thornton Tigers2-5Oshawa Falcons
MMMM52:45 PMIRC Gold Kiwanis Stars8-2Oshawa Falcons
NV (XOVER)NV72:45 PMEB Purpl Collingwood Blackhawks2-6Quinte West Hawks
MAMA43:00 PMHolly 1 Woodstock Jr. Navy Vets2-4Barrie Colts
ATAT93:15 PMEB Green Innisfil Winterhawks0-3Oshawa Hawks
MAMA53:15 PMHolly 2 Oshawa Falcons2-4Whitby Wildcats
NV (XOVER)NV83:15 PMIRC Red Mount Hamilton Blues4-2Innisfil Winterhawks
ATAT103:45 PMEB Purpl Northumberland Nighthawks8-1Huntsville Otters
AAT114:00 PMHolly 1 Barrie Colts3-2Windsor Jr. Spitfires
MAMA64:00 PMIRC Gold Oshawa Hawks2-3Oakville Rangers
AAT124:15 PMEB Green Oshawa Falcons3-1Georgina Blaze
ATAT134:15 PMHolly 2 Ennismore Eagles1-1Ancaster Avalanche
ATAT144:15 PMIRC Red TNT Tornados1-6Flamborough Sabres
ATAT154:45 PMEB Purpl Acton Chargers4-3Mount Hamilton Blues
ATAT165:00 PMIRC Gold Bradford Bulldogs0-11Quinte West Hawks
MPMP15:00 PMHolly 1 Barrie Colts1-1Oshawa Hawks
MPMP25:15 PMEB Green Oshawa Falcons0-13Whitby Wildcats
PWPW55:15 PMHolly 2 Acton Chargers3-3Erin Hillsburgh Devils
PWPW65:15 PMIRC Red Barrie Colts9-3Coronation Bengals
PWPW75:45 PMEB Purpl Oshawa Hawks6-0Orangeville Flyers
PWPW86:00 PMIRC Gold Ancaster Avalanche3-8Pickering Panthers
MBMB46:15 PMHolly 1 Meadowvale Hawks ME823-3Barrie Colts
BTBT66:30 PMIRC Red Brantford 99ers2-0Whitby Wildcats
MBMB56:30 PMEB Green Oshawa Hawks7-1Pelham Panthers
MBMB66:30 PMHolly 2 Waterloo Wolves2-0Richmond Hill Stars
BTBT77:00 PMEB Purpl Barrie Colts6-1Quinte West Hawks
BT (XOVER)BT87:15 PMIRC Gold Ancaster Avalanche2-2Lawfield Thunder
BTBT97:30 PMHolly 1 Niagara Falls Flyers9-2Center Wellington Fusion
BTBT107:45 PMEB Green Mount Hamilton Blues3-5Windsor Jr. Spitfires
MMMM67:45 PMHolly 2 Meadowvale Hawks 1025-0North Durham Warriors
MMMM77:45 PMIRC Red Waterloo Wolves7-3Oshawa Hawks
MM (XOVER)MM88:15 PMEB Purpl Barrie Colts9-0Lawfield Thunder
MMMM98:45 PMHolly 1 Oshawa Falcons2-3Meadowvale Hawks 104
MMMM109:00 PMEB Green Oakville Rangers7-3Kiwanis Stars
Saturday, March 30, 2019
NVNV108:00 AMHolly 1 Collingwood Blackhawks2-7Mount Hamilton Blues
NVNV98:00 AMEB Purpl Barrie Colts5-0Oshawa Falcons
MAMA78:30 AMEB Green Woodstock Jr. Navy Vets1-6Oshawa Falcons
NVNV118:30 AMHolly 2 Innisfil Winterhawks1-0Thornton Tigers
NVNV128:30 AMIRC Gold Quinte West Hawks5-1Windsor Jr. Spitfires
AAT179:00 AMEB Purpl Windsor Jr. Spitfires0-3Oshawa Falcons
ATAT189:00 AMHolly 1 Huntsville Otters1-3Innisfil Winterhawks
MAMA89:00 AMIRC Red Oakville Rangers3-2Barrie Colts
ATAT199:30 AMEB Green Oshawa Hawks2-2Northumberland Nighthawks
AAT209:30 AMIRC Gold Georgina Blaze1-4Barrie Colts
MAMA99:30 AMHolly 2 Whitby Wildcats1-4Oshawa Hawks
ATAT2110:00 AMEB Purpl Ancaster Avalanche5-2TNT Tornados
ATAT2210:00 AMIRC Red Flamborough Sabres2-2Ennismore Eagles
MPMP310:00 AMHolly 1 Barrie Colts1-1Whitby Wildcats
ATAT2310:30 AMHolly 2 Mount Hamilton Blues10-1Bradford Bulldogs
ATAT2410:30 AMIRC Gold Quinte West Hawks2-4Acton Chargers
MMMM1110:30 AMEB Green Oshawa Hawks2-4Meadowvale Hawks 102
MMMM1211:00 AMEB Purpl North Durham Warriors0-3Barrie Colts
PWPW911:00 AMIRC Red Coronation Bengals5-1Acton Chargers
MPMP411:15 AMHolly 1 Oshawa Hawks9-1Oshawa Falcons
PWPW1011:30 AMHolly 2 Erin Hillsburgh Devils0-7Barrie Colts
PWPW1111:30 AMIRC Gold Pickering Panthers2-5Oshawa Hawks
PWPW1211:45 AMEB Green Orangeville Flyers0-3Ancaster Avalanche
BTBT1112:15 PMEB Purpl Windsor Jr. Spitfires1-4Niagara Falls Flyers
MBMB712:15 PMIRC Red Barrie Colts5-0Pelham Panthers
BTBT1212:30 PMHolly 1 Quinte West Hawks1-6Brantford 99ers
BT (XOVER)BT1312:45 PMHolly 2 Barrie Colts2-0Mount Hamilton Blues
BTBT1412:45 PMIRC Gold Center Wellington Fusion0-8Lawfield Thunder
MBMB81:00 PMEB Green Oshawa Hawks5-1Richmond Hill Stars
BTBT151:30 PMIRC Red Whitby Wildcats0-4Ancaster Avalanche
MBMB91:30 PMEB Purpl Meadowvale Hawks ME824-1Waterloo Wolves
MM (XOVER)MM131:45 PMHolly 1 Waterloo Wolves5-1Kiwanis Stars
MMMM142:00 PMIRC Gold Lawfield Thunder6-3Oshawa Falcons
NVNV132:00 PMHolly 2 Mount Hamilton Blues4-3Barrie Colts
NVNV142:15 PMEB Green Oshawa Falcons3-3Collingwood Blackhawks
MMMM152:45 PMIRC Red Meadowvale Hawks 1040-4Oakville Rangers
NVNV152:45 PMEB Purpl Quinte West Hawks1-1Innisfil Winterhawks
MAMA103:00 PMHolly 1 Oakville Rangers7-0Whitby Wildcats
A (XOVER)AT253:15 PMEB Green Northumberland Nighthawks2-3Windsor Jr. Spitfires
MAMA113:15 PMHolly 2 Oshawa Hawks5-0Woodstock Jr. Navy Vets
NVNV163:15 PMIRC Gold Windsor Jr. Spitfires2-5Thornton Tigers
AT (XOVER)AT263:45 PMEB Purpl Bradford Bulldogs3-8Ancaster Avalanche
MAMA124:00 PMIRC Red Barrie Colts2-3Oshawa Falcons
MMMM164:00 PMHolly 1 Barrie Colts6-2Oshawa Hawks
AT (XOVER)AT274:15 PMEB Green Flamborough Sabres2-2Innisfil Winterhawks
AT (XOVER)AT284:15 PMHolly 2 TNT Tornados1-11Oshawa Hawks
A (XOVER)AT294:15 PMIRC Gold Huntsville Otters2-9Barrie Colts
AT (XOVER)AT304:45 PMEB Purpl Quinte West Hawks3-3Ennismore Eagles
AT (XOVER)AT315:00 PMIRC Red Oshawa Falcons1-2Mount Hamilton Blues
MPMP55:15 PMEB Green Oshawa Falcons1-9Barrie Colts
MPMP65:15 PMHolly 2 Whitby Wildcats1-5Oshawa Hawks
PW (XOVER)PW135:15 PMIRC Gold Ancaster Avalanche7-2Erin Hillsburgh Devils
AT (XOVER)AT325:30 PMHolly 1 Georgina Blaze2-2Acton Chargers
PW (XOVER)PW145:45 PMEB Purpl Pickering Panthers8-1Acton Chargers
PW (XOVER)PW156:00 PMIRC Red Barrie Colts11-1Orangeville Flyers
BT (XOVER)BT166:30 PMIRC Gold Brantford 99ers4-5Center Wellington Fusion
MBMB106:30 PMEB Green Richmond Hill Stars1-4Barrie Colts
PW (XOVER)PW166:30 PMHolly 1 Coronation Bengals2-6Oshawa Hawks
MBMB116:45 PMHolly 2 Pelham Panthers0-3Meadowvale Hawks ME82
BT (XOVER)BT177:00 PMEB Purpl Lawfield Thunder8-1Quinte West Hawks
BT (XOVER)BT187:15 PMIRC Red Niagara Falls Flyers5-4Whitby Wildcats
BT (XOVER)BT197:45 PMEB Green Mount Hamilton Blues0-6Ancaster Avalanche
MBMB127:45 PMHolly 1 Waterloo Wolves1-7Oshawa Hawks
MM (XOVER)MM177:45 PMIRC Gold Oshawa Falcons2-8Meadowvale Hawks 102
BT (XOVER)BT208:00 PMHolly 2 Windsor Jr. Spitfires1-5Barrie Colts
MM (XOVER)MM188:15 PMEB Purpl Meadowvale Hawks 1048-3North Durham Warriors
MM (XOVER)MM199:00 PMEB Green Oakville Rangers0-5Waterloo Wolves
MMMM209:00 PMHolly 1 Kiwanis Stars3-3Lawfield Thunder
Sunday, March 31, 2019
NVNV178:30 AMEB Green Barrie Colts3-5Mount Hamilton Blues
NVNV188:30 AMHolly 1 Innisfil Winterhawks4-2Quinte West Hawks
MAMA139:00 AMEB Purpl Oshawa Falcons2-5Oakville Rangers
MAMA149:00 AMHolly 2 Whitby Wildcats1-5Oshawa Hawks
ATAT339:45 AMEB Green Barrie Colts1-0Acton Chargers
ATAT349:45 AMHolly 1 Oshawa Hawks5-1Ancaster Avalanche
MPMP710:15 AMEB Purpl Oshawa Falcons0-11Oshawa Hawks
MPMP810:15 AMHolly 2 Whitby Wildcats2-4Barrie Colts
PWPW1711:00 AMEB Green Coronation Bengals2-4Barrie Colts
PWPW1811:00 AMHolly 1 Pickering Panthers1-4Oshawa Hawks
MBMB1311:30 AMEB Purpl Waterloo Wolves0-5Oshawa Hawks
MBMB1411:30 AMHolly 2 Barrie Colts1-5Meadowvale Hawks ME82
BTBT2112:30 PMEB Green Ancaster Avalanche2-3Barrie Colts
BTBT2212:30 PMHolly 1 Niagara Falls Flyers1-12Lawfield Thunder
MMMM211:00 PMEB Purpl Waterloo Wolves1-2Barrie Colts
MMMM221:00 PMHolly 2 Oakville Rangers5-2Lawfield Thunder
MAMA152:00 PMEB Green Oakville Rangers4-0Oshawa Hawks
NVNV192:00 PMHolly 1 Mount Hamilton Blues1-2Innisfil Winterhawks
AAT352:45 PMHolly 2 Barrie Colts1-3Oshawa Hawks
MPMP92:45 PMEB Purpl Oshawa Hawks2-0Barrie Colts
MBMB153:30 PMHolly 1 Oshawa Hawks5-1Meadowvale Hawks ME82
PWPW193:30 PMEB Green Barrie Colts4-1Oshawa Hawks
MMMM234:15 PMHolly 2 Barrie Colts3-5Oakville Rangers
BTBT234:30 PMEB Purpl Barrie Colts0-4Lawfield Thunder
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