Schedule & Results, Canadian Tire Classic Minor A/AE/MD Tournament, 2019-2020 (Barrie Minor Hockey)

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DivisionGame #TimeVenueVisitorResultHome
Friday, November 22, 2019
MPAEMPAE18:00 AMEB Purpl Orillia Terriers2-3Barrie Colts
MMAMMA18:30 AMEB Green Barrie Colts2-2Innisfil Winterhawks
MAAMAA19:00 AMA. Red Oakville Rangers Blue1-6Kitchener Jr. Rangers
MAAMAA29:00 AMHolly 2 Sudbury Wolves1-3Owen Sound Jr. Attack
MAAMAA39:15 AMEB Purpl Applewood Coyotes6-2Casselman Embrun Icedogs
MAAMAA49:30 AMHolly 1 Clarington Toros0-4Barrie Colts
MAAEMAAE19:30 AMA. Blue Newmarket Redmen1-7Guelph Gryphons
MAAEMAAE210:00 AMEB Green West Niagara Flying Aces4-1Peterborough Petes
MAAEMAAE310:00 AMA. Red Whitby Wildcats4-4Oshawa Jr. Generals
MAAEMAAE410:00 AMHolly 2 Flamborough Dundas Sabres2-4Barrie Colts
MPAMPA110:15 AMEB Purpl Georgina Blaze7-3Flamborough Dundas Sabres
MPA (XOVER)MPA210:30 AMA. Blue Hillcrest Canadians0-6Woodstock Jr. Navy Vets
MPAMPA310:30 AMHolly 1 Sudbury Wolves0-8Barrie Colts
MBAMBA111:00 AMA. Red Richmond Hill Stars5-2Nickel City Sharks
MBAMBA211:00 AMHolly 2 Nepean Raiders Black0-4Barrie Colts
MBAMBA311:00 AMEB Green Whitby Wildcats3-7TNT Tornados
MBAMBA411:30 AMEB Purpl Innisfil Winterhawks2-2Georgina Blaze
MPAEMPAE212:00 PMA. Blue Stratford Warriors1-3Kingston Canadians
MPAEMPAE312:00 PMHolly 1 Clarington Toros1-0Belleville Jr. Bulls
BMDBMD112:15 PMHolly 2 George Bell Titans White3-2Barrie Colts
MPAEMPAE412:15 PMEB Green Halton Hills Thunder5-5Flamborough Dundas Sabres
MPAEMPAE512:15 PMA. Red Oshawa Generals7-1Orillia Terriers
BMDBMD212:45 PMEB Purpl Waterloo Wolves White2-6Kitchener Jr. Rangers
MMAMMA21:15 PMHolly 1 Barrie Colts5-3Aurora Tigers
MMAMMA31:15 PMA. Blue Owen Sound Jr. Attack1-7Georgina Blaze
MMMDMMMD11:30 PMEB Green Orangeville Flyers6-1Guelph Gryphons
MMMD (XOVER)MMMD21:30 PMA. Red Richmond Hill Stars5-1Newmarket Redmen
MMMDMMMD31:30 PMHolly 2 Brantford 99ers1-6Barrie Colts
MAAMAA52:15 PMEB Purpl Owen Sound Jr. Attack1-4Clarington Toros
MAAMAA62:45 PMA. Blue Kitchener Jr. Rangers3-3Applewood Coyotes
MAAMAA72:45 PMHolly 1 Barrie Colts5-0Sudbury Wolves
MAAMAA83:00 PMA. Red Casselman Embrun Icedogs1-4Oakville Rangers Blue
MAAEMAAE53:00 PMEB Green Peterborough Petes3-1Flamborough Dundas Sabres
MAAEMAAE63:00 PMHolly 2 Barrie Colts1-4West Niagara Flying Aces
MAAEMAAE73:15 PMEB Purpl Oshawa Jr. Generals6-0Newmarket Redmen
MAAEMAAE83:45 PMHolly 1 Guelph Gryphons0-6Whitby Wildcats
MPAMPA43:45 PMA. Blue Woodstock Jr. Navy Vets1-1Georgina Blaze
MPA (XOVER)MPA54:00 PMEB Green Flamborough Dundas Sabres1-2Sudbury Wolves
MPAMPA64:00 PMHolly 2 Barrie Colts9-1Hillcrest Canadians
MPAEMPAE64:15 PMA. Red Stratford Warriors2-7Oshawa Generals
MPAEMPAE74:15 PMEB Purpl Flamborough Dundas Sabres0-4Clarington Toros
MPAEMPAE84:45 PMHolly 1 Barrie Colts3-0Belleville Jr. Bulls
MPAEMPAE95:00 PMA. Blue Kingston Canadians3-0Halton Hills Thunder
MBAMBA55:15 PMHolly 2 Barrie Colts6-0Whitby Wildcats
MBAMBA65:15 PMEB Green TNT Tornados5-4Nepean Raiders Black
MBAMBA75:30 PMEB Purpl Nickel City Sharks0-0Innisfil Winterhawks
MBAMBA85:30 PMA. Red Georgina Blaze 3-1Richmond Hill Stars
BMDBMD36:00 PMHolly 1 Barrie Colts3-1Waterloo Wolves White
BMDBMD46:15 PMA. Blue Kitchener Jr. Rangers2-3George Bell Titans White
MMAMMA46:30 PMEB Green Georgina Blaze3-4Innisfil Winterhawks
MMAMMA56:30 PMHolly 2 Aurora Tigers3-3Owen Sound Jr. Attack
MMMDMMMD46:45 PMEB Purpl Guelph Gryphons3-6Richmond Hill Stars
MMMD (XOVER)MMMD56:45 PMA. Red Orangeville Flyers1-1Brantford 99ers
MMMDMMMD67:15 PMHolly 1 Barrie Colts2-3Newmarket Redmen
Saturday, November 23, 2019
MPAEMPAE108:00 AMEB Purpl Stratford Warriors1-5Belleville Jr. Bulls
MMAMMA68:30 AMEB Green Georgina Blaze2-5Aurora Tigers
MAAMAA109:00 AMA. Red Kitchener Jr. Rangers3-0Casselman Embrun Icedogs
MAAMAA99:00 AMHolly 2 Sudbury Wolves0-3Clarington Toros
MAAEMAAE99:15 AMEB Purpl Oshawa Jr. Generals7-1Guelph Gryphons
MAAMAA119:30 AMA. Blue Oakville Rangers Blue0-2Applewood Coyotes
MAAMAA129:30 AMHolly 1 Owen Sound Jr. Attack3-3Barrie Colts
MAAEMAAE1010:00 AMA. Red Whitby Wildcats4-0Newmarket Redmen
MAAEMAAE1110:00 AMEB Green West Niagara Flying Aces5-0Flamborough Dundas Sabres
MAAEMAAE1210:00 AMHolly 2 Peterborough Petes0-8Barrie Colts
MPA (XOVER)MPA710:15 AMEB Purpl Hillcrest Canadians2-6Flamborough Dundas Sabres
MPA (XOVER)MPA810:30 AMA. Blue Sudbury Wolves0-3Georgina Blaze
MPA (XOVER)MPA910:30 AMHolly 1 Woodstock Jr. Navy Vets2-2Barrie Colts
MBAMBA1011:00 AMEB Green Whitby Wildcats1-4Nepean Raiders Black
MBAMBA1111:00 AMHolly 2 TNT Tornados1-2Barrie Colts
MBAMBA911:00 AMA. Red Richmond Hill Stars0-1Innisfil Winterhawks
MBAMBA1211:30 AMEB Purpl Nickel City Sharks0-3Georgina Blaze
MPAEMPAE1112:00 PMA. Blue Oshawa Generals1-4Halton Hills Thunder
MPAEMPAE1212:00 PMHolly 1 Clarington Toros4-0Barrie Colts
BMDBMD512:15 PMHolly 2 Kitchener Jr. Rangers3-1Barrie Colts
MPAEMPAE1312:15 PMEB Green Kingston Canadians6-1Flamborough Dundas Sabres
MPAEMPAE1412:15 PMA. Red Orillia Terriers2-0Stratford Warriors
BMDBMD612:45 PMEB Purpl Waterloo Wolves White0-3George Bell Titans White
MMAMMA71:15 PMA. Blue Aurora Tigers3-1Innisfil Winterhawks
MMAMMA81:15 PMHolly 1 Owen Sound Jr. Attack3-1Barrie Colts
MMMDMMMD71:30 PMA. Red Richmond Hill Stars5-2Orangeville Flyers
MMMD (XOVER)MMMD81:30 PMHolly 2 Guelph Gryphons1-5Barrie Colts
MMMDMMMD91:30 PMEB Green Newmarket Redmen2-2Brantford 99ers
MAA (XOVER)MAA132:15 PMEB Purpl Casselman Embrun Icedogs1-1Owen Sound Jr. Attack
MAA (XOVER)MAA142:45 PMHolly 1 Barrie Colts4-2Kitchener Jr. Rangers
MAA (XOVER)MAA152:45 PMA. Blue Applewood Coyotes4-0Sudbury Wolves
MAA (XOVER)MAA163:00 PMA. Red Clarington Toros6-1Oakville Rangers Blue
MAAE (XOVER)MAAE133:00 PMHolly 2 Newmarket Redmen2-2Peterborough Petes
MAAE (XOVER)MAAE143:00 PMEB Green Guelph Gryphons2-1West Niagara Flying Aces
MAAE (XOVER)MAAE153:15 PMEB Purpl Flamborough Dundas Sabres0-16Whitby Wildcats
MAAE (XOVER)MAAE163:45 PMHolly 1 Barrie Colts1-9Oshawa Jr. Generals
MPA (XOVER)MPA103:45 PMA. Blue Barrie Colts2-0Georgina Blaze
MPAMPA114:00 PMHolly 2 Hillcrest Canadians5-5Sudbury Wolves
MPAMPA124:00 PMEB Green Flamborough Dundas Sabres0-3Woodstock Jr. Navy Vets
MPAEMPAE154:15 PMA. Red Oshawa Generals3-1Kingston Canadians
MPAEMPAE164:15 PMEB Purpl Flamborough Dundas Sabres0-3Belleville Jr. Bulls
MPAEMPAE174:45 PMHolly 1 Barrie Colts5-2Halton Hills Thunder
MPAEMPAE185:00 PMA. Blue Orillia Terriers0-5Clarington Toros
MBA (XOVER)MBA135:15 PMEB Green Innisfil Winterhawks5-0Whitby Wildcats
MBA (XOVER)MBA145:15 PMHolly 2 Barrie Colts0-4Nickel City Sharks
MBA (XOVER)MBA155:30 PMEB Purpl Nepean Raiders Black4-2Richmond Hill Stars
MBA (XOVER)MBA165:30 PMA. Red Georgina Blaze 4-0TNT Tornados
BMDBMD76:00 PMHolly 1 George Bell Titans White5-2Barrie Colts
BMDBMD86:15 PMA. Blue Waterloo Wolves White2-3Kitchener Jr. Rangers
MMAMMA106:30 PMEB Green Innisfil Winterhawks1-3Owen Sound Jr. Attack
MMAMMA96:30 PMHolly 2 Barrie Colts4-2Georgina Blaze
MMMD (XOVER)MMMD106:45 PMEB Purpl Brantford 99ers4-3Richmond Hill Stars
MMMD (XOVER)MMMD116:45 PMA. Red Guelph Gryphons2-2Newmarket Redmen
MMMD (XOVER)MMMD127:15 PMHolly 1 Barrie Colts4-0Orangeville Flyers
Sunday, November 24, 2019
MAAMAA177:00 AMEB Purpl Clarington Toros0-5Applewood Coyotes
MAAMAA187:00 AMHolly 2 Kitchener Jr. Rangers2-5Barrie Colts
MAAEMAAE177:30 AMEB Green Barrie Colts2-8Whitby Wildcats
MAAEMAAE187:30 AMHolly 1 Oshawa Jr. Generals4-1West Niagara Flying Aces
MPAMPA138:15 AMEB Purpl Sudbury Wolves0-5Woodstock Jr. Navy Vets
MPAMPA148:15 AMHolly 2 Georgina Blaze0-5Barrie Colts
MPAEMPAE198:45 AMEB Green Oshawa Generals2-3Kingston Canadians
MPAEMPAE208:45 AMHolly 1 Barrie Colts1-5Clarington Toros
MBAMBA179:45 AMEB Purpl TNT Tornados0-6Georgina Blaze
MBAMBA189:45 AMHolly 2 Innisfil Winterhawks1-2Barrie Colts
BMDBMD1010:15 AMHolly 1 Waterloo Wolves White3-4George Bell Titans White
BMDBMD910:15 AMEB Green Barrie Colts1-2Kitchener Jr. Rangers
MMAMMA1111:15 AMEB Purpl Owen Sound Jr. Attack4-1Barrie Colts
MMAMMA1211:15 AMHolly 2 Innisfil Winterhawks0-6Aurora Tigers
MMMDMMMD1311:45 AMEB Green Newmarket Redmen3-6Richmond Hill Stars
MMMDMMMD1411:45 AMHolly 1 Orangeville Flyers3-5Barrie Colts
MAAMAA191:00 PMHolly 2 Barrie Colts4-1Applewood Coyotes
MAAEMAAE191:00 PMEB Purpl Oshawa Jr. Generals1-3Whitby Wildcats
MPAMPA151:30 PMHolly 1 Barrie Colts4-1Woodstock Jr. Navy Vets
MPAEMPAE211:30 PMEB Green Clarington Toros1-2Kingston Canadians
BMDBMD112:30 PMEB Purpl George Bell Titans White2-6Kitchener Jr. Rangers
MBAMBA192:30 PMHolly 2 Barrie Colts3-1Georgina Blaze
MMAMMA133:45 PMHolly 1 Aurora Tigers6-1Owen Sound Jr. Attack
MMMDMMMD154:15 PMHolly 2 Barrie Colts3-4Richmond Hill Stars
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