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For the purpose of BMHA all previous references to AE will now be MD


BMHA Tryout Process for 2018/2019 Season

Non Resident Player Information
Non Resident players coming to try-out for REP in Barrie who are not considered Barrie Residents must get a Non-resident player card from Their Home Centre.
Movement to AA is only permitted for Minor Peewee ages and above
Maximum of 3 NRP's Per Team
If the player isn't offered a roster position he must return to his home centre.
If the player is offered a roster position he must return to his home centre at the end of the season.
Only one NRP card can be issued for the season.

Barrie Residents not Successful in our Try-out Process NRP Info.
Can Only take ONE NRP card to another association with a lower base category than AA (BB or lower)
If the player isn't offered a roster position he must return to Barrie. 
Please come into the office for this process. 



·        Non Resident Player (NRP) Tryout Evaluations

·         M. Peewee, Peewee, M. Bantam, Bantam and M Midget, skill evaluation


Note: All NRP’s must attend the skill evaluation skate including incumbent BMHA NRP and new NRP’s. All exceptions must be approved by Director of Rep Jr, (M Peewee) and Sr. (Peewee to Minor Midget). All NRP’s are required to be registered with an approved Home Centre (Non Resident) Passport. Note: NRP registration closes April 25th at 3:00pm. NRP’s WILL NOT BE PERMITTED to try out without having been registered prior to registration close on April 25th, at 3:00 pm local time.



HL and New Player Identification Skate

·         1 skate per division

·         Open to current BMHA HL players & new resident players to the BMHAresiding within the BMHA boundaries for representative hockey.


Result: An invite to “AA” “A” (White or Blue) or MD camp or released back to BMHA HL


Note:  Peewee division an invite of a maximum of 22 players plus 4 goalies (total 26) will be offered to attend Peewee “A” White or Blue camp or an invite to attend the Peewee MD camp. It is the discretion of each ‘A” White and Blue Coach to communicate the invite to attend the “A” tryout. The “MD” coach can invite player directly to the “MD” first tryout if not offered an ‘A” tryout. You are required to be invited from the evaluation skate by a coach to attend “A” white or Blue or “MD” tryout. The coach will email you within 24 hours after evaluation skate.


No “HL and New Player Identification Skate” BMHA refund or credits will be issued if released back to HL. This may result in one skate for the tryout registration fee, NO EXCEPTIONS.



Alternate Entry (MD) Camp

(The first MD Divisional tryout skate see schedule)

·         1 skate per division

·         Please be advised that this tryout skate might be split ice sessions based on tryout enrollment numbers. Your coach will advise by phone or email.

·         All current “MD” team members from the 2017/2018 season and any “MD” Coach invited players from the HL and New Player Identification skate.

·         Peewee “A” invites report directly to “A” camp from HL and New Player Identification skate.

·         M. Bantam and Bantam must have a minimum 6 new players and 2 goalies invited back to the MD tryout. The 6 skaters invited back to the MD tryout will be additional to the automatically invited previous year’s MD roster players from the 2017/2018 season.


Note: Players that have been invited to attend “AA” or “A” camp from the identification skate by the respective coach do not report to the ‘MD” camp, they report to their respective invited level “AA” or “A”. From this invited starting point of tryouts, they would continue the process of attending one level lower after being released.


Note: Returning 2017/2018 “MD” players may be invited to attend “AA” or “A” camp after this tryout.


·        AA Camp


·         Invited players are limited to current 2017/2018 “AA”, “A” (White & Blue for Peewee and above) and any coach invited players from New Player Identification skate and/or the first “MD” camp.

Note: 2017/2018 “AE” (M. Bantam & Bantam) players that played in the “A” loop will require an invite to attended the “AA” camp

·         A maximum of five NRPs that have been selected by each coach from the NRP evaluation skate (if applicable). All exceptions must be approved by Director of REP.


Note: NRP player may be released after first tryout.

Note: Invited players from the New Player Identification and “MD” camp can be released after first tryout.

Note: All 2017/2018 ‘A”, “AA” players can be released to “A White” after the first tryout.



·        A Camp

·         Invited players are limited to 2017/2018 “A” White & Blue, MD and all “AA” 2018/2019 previous tryout releases from the “AA” tryout process. NRP’s are not eligible.

·         Please be advised that this tryout skate might be split ice sessions based on player enrollment and invitation numbers. Each coach will advise by phone or email.



Note: All 2018/2019 “AA” “A” and “MD” players may be released after the first tryout. All players released report to “MD" camp.


Note: A coach can offer a player an OMHA commitment letter at “A” white or “A” blue after the second tryout with the agreement of the “A” white coach. This will permit additional open ice for coach selection and player competition at the “A” white and blue level. The player signing an early commitment letter may not participate on-ice at the remaining tryouts.


·        MD Camp


Previous tryout releases and invited players from the new player identification skate. 


Note:  All 2018/2019 “MD” and invites from HL Evaluation Skate may be released after the first tryout. All players released report to House League.



Declaration forms have been discontinued with the exception of players not wanting to play contact. Players MUST declare prior to the first “A” skate.  In the event of an extreme circumstance only, please contact the Rep Director of your division.  Players must play on the team, division level where they are offered a letter of commitment.  If the letter of commitment is refused, the player will be placed in the house league program.


Dave Goodbrand        [email protected]

Steve Fontaine             [email protected]




[1] Note a maximum of 5 NRP players per division will be invited/allowed to attend AA tryouts.

[2] Note each division “AA”, “A” or “AE/MD” coach will issue the invitation to attend via email after the identification skate after confirming their selection with each division/level coach.tryout_process_flow.JPG

Tryout Registration Process:

1)      All players who wish to attend spring tryouts for Barrie MHA (Novice to Minor Midget)   must register on-line before they are permitted to attend a tryout, (exception:  NRP’s, must register at the BMHA office with their NRP Cards). The BMHA tryout fee is $100.00. Players must live in the OMHA approved boundaries for BMHA in order to qualify to attend tryouts. Major Midget (2002/2001) tryouts do not take place until Sept/2018; registration for this age group will take place at a later time.

2)       BMHA players will register on line through Hockey Canada for BMHA tryouts (AA, A, MD). The Rep tryout on line registration will open April 2/2018 and will close April 25/2018 at 5 p.m. The Hockey Canada link will be posted under the Registration Tab.

If you are a Non Resident Player (NRP) wishing to try out for  AA teams only,( Minor Peewee to Minor Midget), you will need to complete a tryout registration form in our BMHA office during our business hours Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. You must provide your NRP Passport Card at the time of registration. The passport is obtained from your Home Centre. Payment can be made by Visa, MasterCard, debit or cash. No cheques allowed.   (April 2 to April 25)

3)       If you are a new player to Barrie MHA and have played in another Centre, please contact the BMHA office for player transfer instructions. If you are a new player to BMHA and have never played before, we will first have to create a Hockey Canada file for your player, then you will be able to register online to our association for tryouts. A copy of the player’s birth certificate and proof of residency must also be provided.

4)       If your player is selected for a BMHA Rep Team, you must register to our association Rep Registration using the online registration through Hockey Canada. The link will be provided on our Registration Tab. Rep Registration for players who have been selected for a Rep Team will only be open from May 7 till May 18/2018.  If you do not register your player during this time, your player cannot not be assigned/rostered to the Rep team and you could lose the position with the teamRep Registration Fees will be paid online by credit card only in the following format.... 40% at the time of registration then 20% June 30th, 20% July 30th and the remaining 20% August 30th.

5)      If your player is not selected for a BMHA Rep Team, you will register your player to BMHA House League. This registration will begin, online, starting on May 28/2018. Registration to House League is a first come first serve basis, so register sooner than later before divisions fill. Early Bird Registration May 29 to July 7/2018. Regular registration fees will apply after July 7, 2018.

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