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Policy #: 201701 


  Section: Administrative

  Subject: Player Transfer to Barrie Minor Hockey Association


  1.  Purpose:  This policy provides a residency deadline date for all player transfer requests from OHF and OMHA.  The complete process and frequently asked questions are addressed.
  1.  Scope:  The policy will address all player transfer requests for both house league and rep play.  The residency deadline date allows for consistency in procedure from year to year.
  1. Mandate:

This policy is implemented in accordance with:

·         BMHA Constitution and Bylaws

·         BMHA Policies and Procedures

·         OMHA to OMHA player transfer procedures

·         OHF to OMHA player transfer procedures


  1. Policy Statement:


If you are moving to Barrie and want your son/daughter to be able to attend Rep Tryouts, the following document will provide walk through of what’s needed before attending Rep Tryouts.  Residency moves must occur before May 31st to be considered.

Forms and Sample Documents:

See or

Playing rep hockey in Barrie:

Barrie is a residence restricted association, and fully abides by OMHA Regulation 3.3 that states only confirmed residents of Barrie shall be eligible to attend tryouts, and be rostered to a Rep team.


1. OHF TRANSFER-player is moving from another association outside of the OMHA (i.e. Alliance, GTHL, NOHA etc.)

2. OMHA TRANSFER-player is moving from an OMHA center to another OMHA center.


Step 1: Collect the requested documents:

Your transfer form will ask for you to submit a variety of different documents along with the form. A list of these documents is listed on your specific form. Some of the documents you will be required submit are as follows:

1. Official Confirmation of School Enrollment.

2. Letter of School Authorizing the OMHA to check on and confirm school enrollment during year.

3. Copy of fully executed Rental Agreement, registered transfer of ownership, or Agreement of purchase and sale.

4. Copy of parent(s) updated Drivers License, with new residence address. 

5. Copy of utility or similar bill (i.e. Hydro, telephone, cable, credit card,) demonstrating the parent(s) name and new address.  A personal profile is not acceptable.

6. If applicable, an executed copy of any relevant separation agreement, custody order or divorce decree.

7. Letter from parent(s) employer(s) confirming employment and primary location of that employment (sample letter is available on the FHA website) OHF only

8. Notary Public Affidavit in split custody circumstances, with split residence, confirming the player resides within Barrie more than 50% of the time (joint-custody).

Step 2: Scan each document

Step 3: Send the documents to [email protected] or [email protected] 

OR drop off hard copies at the Barrie Minor Hockey Office.

Step 5: Once the documents have been submitted to Barrie Minor Hockey, the documents will be uploaded in the Hockey Canada Registry. OMHA approval can take some time. Once the OMHA approves the transfer you will receive an email notifying you that you are now eligible to register your player to attend Rep Tryouts.

Important Note: This is an easy and simple process if all of the documents are submitted correctly and on time. Barrie Minor Hockey is only responsible for collecting the transfer documents and sending them to the OMHA. Incomplete submissions will not be forwarded.  The more documents you are able to submit, the more likely the transfer will come back approved and quickly. Finally, as per our Rules of Operation (Section 1.11), false residency claims and residency claims that cannot be substantiated will result in forfeiture of full registration fees.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. I am thinking about moving to Barrie, but haven’t found a home yet. How does this impact me?

A. Your player is not eligible to try out for a Barrie Rep Hockey until you satisfy all documentation requirements outlined above.

Q. I have purchased a home/condo/rental in Barrie, but I don’t move in until after Tryouts. Is my player eligible to skate at Tryouts?

 A. No. In order to try out for a Barrie rep team you must be a BMHA member and have completed the full transfer as outlined above.

Q. We have joint custody of our player, and one parent is in Barrie, the other is not – is my player still eligible for tryouts?

A. If you supply all of the documents listed above, including an affidavit that proves more than 50% of the player’s time is spent with the Barrie parent, and the player attends school in Barrie, then you will be eligible.

Q. Can I register before you approve my residency request?

A. No. The Hockey Canada Registry will not allow Barrie to do anything until the residency request is processed.

Q. What is the process between the BMHA and the OMHA? I want to know more.

A. Your documents will be reviewed by the BMHA for completeness, accuracy and format. Should they pass this preliminary review, the BMHA will upload each document to the player’s permanent member profile on the Hockey Canada Registry (HCR). Once each document has been uploaded and accepted by this secure program, an OMHA representative will review the submission for authenticity and completeness. The OMHA will then a) approve, b) decline, or c) investigate for possible fraud the move, and will notify the BMHA accordingly. Once notified, the BMHA will notify the member of the decision and next steps.

Q. I am moving into Barrie but my player will be playing house league, and house league only. What process do I follow?

A. Please follow the same process.

Original Date Approved: May, 2017

Last Amended: