Schedule & Results, Glenn Bellerby/Moose Winooski's AA Tournament, 2018-2019 (Barrie Minor Hockey)

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DivisionGame #TimeVenueVisitorResultHome
Friday, January 4, 2019
NNV17:00 AMHolly 1 Barrie Colts1-0Garden City Falcons
NNV27:00 AMEB Purpl Oakridge Aeros5-1Northumberland Nighthawks
NNV37:00 AMEastview Innisfil Winterhawks0-1Tecumseh Eagles
NNV47:00 AMA. Red Eastern Ontario Cobras2-4Oshawa Minor Generals
MAMA17:30 AMHolly 2 Nickel City Jr Sons1-1Kitchener Rangers
MAMA27:30 AMEB Green Orillia Terriers2-4Scarborough Raiders
MA MA67:30 AMA. Blue Northumberland Nighthawks7-2Richmond Hill Stars
A (XOVER)A18:00 AMHolly 1 Barrie Colts2-1Timmins North Stars
MAMA38:00 AMEB Purpl Aurora Tigers2-5Clarington Toros
MAMA48:00 AMEastview Garden City Falcons5-3Hamilton Huskies
MA MA58:00 AMA. Red Ajax Knights1-2Barrie Colts
A (XOVER)A28:30 AMHolly 2 Markham Islanders0-2TNT Tornados
A (XOVER)A38:30 AMEB Green North Toronto 0-5London Jr Knights Green
A (XOVER)A48:30 AMA. Blue Waterloo Wolves1-2Mississauga Terriers
MPW (XOVER)MPW19:00 AMHolly 1 Jokerit Blue 4-4Barrie Colts
MPW (XOVER)MPW39:00 AMEB Purpl Northumberland Nighthawks1-3Waterloo Wolves
MPW (XOVER)MPW49:00 AMEastview Aurora Tigers5-3Ted Reeve Thunder
PWPW39:00 AMA. Red Stouffville Clippers2-1Upper Ottawa Valley Aces
MBMB59:30 AMA. Blue York Toros1-5Barrie Colts
MPW (XOVER)MPW29:30 AMHolly 2 Duffield Devils2-9Jokerit White
PWPW19:30 AMEB Green TNT Tornados1-3Toronto Shamrocks
MBMB310:15 AMEB Purpl Kitchener Jr Rangers Red2-1Peterborough Petes
MBMB410:15 AMA. Red Mississauga Jets2-4Northumberland Nighthawks
MPW (XOVER)MPW510:15 AMHolly 1 London Jr Knights Green6-2GTA Capitals
PWPW210:15 AMEastview Clarington Toros7-4Mississauga Terriers
MBMB210:45 AMEB Green Brantford 99ers0-0Ottawa Valley Silver 7's
MBMB610:45 AMA. Blue Rideau St. Lawrence Kings2-4Whitby Wildcats
PWPW410:45 AMHolly 2 Barrie Colts9-0Nickel City Jr Sons
BB111:30 AMEB Purpl Barrie Colts1-3Kitchener Jr Rangers
BB211:30 AMEastview Don Mills Mustangs1-1Waterloo Wolves
B (XOVER)B311:30 AMA. Red Welland Tigers4-1Mississauga North Stars
MBMB111:30 AMHolly 1 Kingston Canadiens1-0Waterloo Wolves
MMMM212:00 PMHolly 2 Ottawa Sting1-2Waterloo Wolves
MMMM312:00 PMEB Green Belle River Canadiens4-1Ajax Knights
MM (XOVER)MM712:00 PMA. Blue Caledon Hawks2-1Aurora Tigers
MMMM112:45 PMHolly 1 Burlington Cougars4-4Barrie Colts
MMMM412:45 PMEB Purpl Markham Islanders7-0Mississauga Blackhawks
MMMM512:45 PMEastview Markham Waxers0-1Mississauga Beast
MMMM612:45 PMA. Red Mississauga North Stars6-0Upper Ottawa Valley Aces
M (XOVER)M11:30 PMHolly 2 Barrie Colts4-1Toronto Shamrocks
M (XOVER)M21:30 PMEB Green North Toronto 2-1Upper Ottawa Valley Aces
M (XOVER)M51:30 PMA. Blue Newmarket Redmen4-2Mississauga North Stars
M (XOVER)M32:15 PMEB Purpl Belle River Canadiens1-1Gloucester Rangers
M (XOVER)M42:15 PMEastview Orangeville Flyers3-5Whitby Wildcats
NNV52:15 PMHolly 1 Barrie Colts2-5Oakridge Aeros
NNV72:15 PMA. Red Eastern Ontario Cobras1-1Innisfil Winterhawks
MAMA83:00 PMHolly 2 Nickel City Jr Sons2-3Scarborough Raiders
NNV63:00 PMEB Green Northumberland Nighthawks4-0Garden City Falcons
NNV83:00 PMA. Blue Tecumseh Eagles0-1Oshawa Minor Generals
MA MA123:15 PMA. Red Barrie Colts2-4Richmond Hill Stars
MAMA73:15 PMHolly 1 Kitchener Rangers2-2Orillia Terriers
MA MA113:45 PMEastview Ajax Knights5-0Northumberland Nighthawks
MAMA93:45 PMEB Purpl Aurora Tigers1-4Garden City Falcons
A (XOVER)A84:00 PMA. Blue Waterloo Wolves3-1Timmins North Stars
MPW (XOVER)MPW64:00 PMHolly 2 Duffield Devils2-4Barrie Colts
MPW (XOVER)MPW74:00 PMEB Green Aurora Tigers1-4Waterloo Wolves
A (XOVER)A54:15 PMHolly 1 Barrie Colts4-0TNT Tornados
A (XOVER)A74:15 PMA. Red North Toronto 1-4Mississauga Terriers
A (XOVER)A64:45 PMEastview Markham Islanders0-5London Jr Knights Green
MAMA104:45 PMEB Purpl Clarington Toros4-1Hamilton Huskies
PW (XOVER)PW85:00 PMA. Blue Nickel City Jr Sons1-3Stouffville Clippers
MBMB105:15 PMA. Red Kingston Canadiens1-5York Toros
MBMB75:15 PMEB Green Waterloo Wolves0-2Barrie Colts
MPW (XOVER)MPW85:15 PMHolly 1 Jokerit Blue 8-5GTA Capitals
MPW (XOVER)MPW95:30 PMHolly 2 Northumberland Nighthawks1-6Jokerit White
MBMB85:45 PMEB Purpl Brantford 99ers1-3Kitchener Jr Rangers Red
MPW (XOVER)MPW105:45 PMEastview London Jr Knights Green5-2Ted Reeve Thunder
MBMB126:15 PMA. Blue Northumberland Nighthawks3-4Whitby Wildcats
B (XOVER)B56:30 PMEB Green Don Mills Mustangs4-1Kitchener Jr Rangers
MBMB116:30 PMA. Red Mississauga Jets1-1Rideau St. Lawrence Kings
PW (XOVER)PW56:30 PMHolly 1 Barrie Colts8-0TNT Tornados
BB46:45 PMHolly 2 Barrie Colts4-3Mississauga North Stars
PW (XOVER)PW67:00 PMEB Purpl Mississauga Terriers1-2Upper Ottawa Valley Aces
PW (XOVER)PW77:00 PMEastview Toronto Shamrocks4-0Clarington Toros
MMMM147:30 PMA. Blue Upper Ottawa Valley Aces5-3Caledon Hawks
MMMM107:45 PMEB Green Belle River Canadiens3-2Markham Islanders
MMMM137:45 PMA. Red Markham Waxers0-0Aurora Tigers
MMMM87:45 PMHolly 1 Burlington Cougars1-3Ottawa Sting
MMMM98:00 PMHolly 2 Barrie Colts5-1Waterloo Wolves
BB68:15 PMEB Purpl Waterloo Wolves4-4Welland Tigers
MBMB98:15 PMEastview Ottawa Valley Silver 7's2-5Peterborough Petes
M (XOVER)M109:00 PMA. Blue Mississauga North Stars2-1Toronto Shamrocks
M (XOVER)M69:15 PMHolly 1 Barrie Colts2-1Upper Ottawa Valley Aces
M (XOVER)M89:15 PMEB Green Belle River Canadiens2-2Whitby Wildcats
M (XOVER)M99:15 PMA. Red Orangeville Flyers2-4Newmarket Redmen
M (XOVER)M79:30 PMHolly 2 North Toronto 1-3Gloucester Rangers
MMMM119:30 PMEB Purpl Ajax Knights7-4Mississauga Blackhawks
MM (XOVER)MM129:30 PMEastview Mississauga North Stars5-0Mississauga Beast
Saturday, January 5, 2019
NNV107:00 AMEB Purpl Garden City Falcons0-6Oakridge Aeros
NNV117:00 AMEastview Tecumseh Eagles0-6Eastern Ontario Cobras
NNV127:00 AMA. Red Innisfil Winterhawks0-2Oshawa Minor Generals
NNV97:00 AMHolly 1 Barrie Colts3-6Northumberland Nighthawks
MAMA137:30 AMHolly 2 Kitchener Rangers2-4Scarborough Raiders
MAMA147:30 AMEB Green Orillia Terriers0-3Nickel City Jr Sons
MA MA187:30 AMA. Blue Barrie Colts6-3Northumberland Nighthawks
A (XOVER)A98:00 AMHolly 1 London Jr Knights Green1-3Barrie Colts
MAMA158:00 AMEB Purpl Hamilton Huskies2-4Aurora Tigers
MAMA168:00 AMEastview Clarington Toros6-1Garden City Falcons
MA MA178:00 AMA. Red Richmond Hill Stars0-2Ajax Knights
A (XOVER)A108:30 AMHolly 2 Mississauga Terriers2-0Markham Islanders
A (XOVER)A118:30 AMEB Green Timmins North Stars2-5North Toronto
A (XOVER)A128:30 AMA. Blue TNT Tornados1-1Waterloo Wolves
MPW (XOVER)MPW119:00 AMHolly 1 Ted Reeve Thunder4-2Jokerit Blue
MPW (XOVER)MPW149:00 AMEB Purpl Waterloo Wolves3-3London Jr Knights Green
MPW (XOVER)MPW159:00 AMEastview GTA Capitals1-5Duffield Devils
PWPW129:00 AMA. Red Stouffville Clippers7-0TNT Tornados
MBMB179:30 AMA. Blue Northumberland Nighthawks2-2Rideau St. Lawrence Kings
MPW (XOVER)MPW129:30 AMHolly 2 Jokerit White 4-2Aurora Tigers
PWPW109:30 AMEB Green Upper Ottawa Valley Aces1-4Toronto Shamrocks
MBMB1510:15 AMEB Purpl Ottawa Valley Silver 7's1-2Kitchener Jr Rangers Red
MBMB1610:15 AMA. Red Whitby Wildcats4-0Mississauga Jets
MPW (XOVER)MPW1310:15 AMHolly 1 Barrie Colts3-1Northumberland Nighthawks
PWPW1110:15 AMEastview Mississauga Terriers0-5Nickel City Jr Sons
MBMB1410:45 AMEB Green Peterborough Petes3-0Brantford 99ers
MBMB1810:45 AMA. Blue Kingston Canadiens2-5Barrie Colts
PWPW910:45 AMHolly 2 Clarington Toros2-4Barrie Colts
B (XOVER)B711:30 AMEB Purpl Waterloo Wolves0-3Barrie Colts
BB811:30 AMEastview Mississauga North Stars1-2Kitchener Jr Rangers
BB911:30 AMA. Red Welland Tigers1-4Don Mills Mustangs
MBMB1311:30 AMHolly 1 Waterloo Wolves3-0York Toros
MMMM1612:00 PMHolly 2 Barrie Colts2-0Ottawa Sting
MMMM1712:00 PMEB Green Mississauga Blackhawks1-6Belle River Canadiens
MMMM2112:00 PMA. Blue Mississauga Beast0-2Aurora Tigers
MMMM1512:45 PMHolly 1 Waterloo Wolves1-3Burlington Cougars
MMMM1812:45 PMEB Purpl Ajax Knights3-3Markham Islanders
MM (XOVER)MM1912:45 PMEastview Upper Ottawa Valley Aces3-3Markham Waxers
MMMM2012:45 PMA. Red Caledon Hawks0-2Mississauga North Stars
M (XOVER)M111:30 PMHolly 2 Gloucester Rangers1-4Barrie Colts
M (XOVER)M121:30 PMEB Green Whitby Wildcats4-1North Toronto
M (XOVER)M151:30 PMA. Blue Upper Ottawa Valley Aces1-3Mississauga North Stars
M (XOVER)M132:15 PMEB Purpl Newmarket Redmen5-3Belle River Canadiens
M (XOVER)M142:15 PMEastview Toronto Shamrocks1-5Orangeville Flyers
N (XOVER)NV132:15 PMHolly 1 Oshawa Minor Generals2-3Barrie Colts
N (XOVER)NV152:15 PMA. Red Oakridge Aeros4-0Tecumseh Eagles
MA (XOVER)MA203:00 PMHolly 2 Nickel City Jr Sons5-2Ajax Knights
N (XOVER)NV143:00 PMEB Green Garden City Falcons0-5Eastern Ontario Cobras
N (XOVER)NV163:00 PMA. Blue Northumberland Nighthawks3-2Innisfil Winterhawks
MA (XOVER)MA193:15 PMHolly 1 Aurora Tigers3-3Kitchener Rangers
MA (XOVER)MA233:15 PMA. Red Richmond Hill Stars1-2Hamilton Huskies
MA (XOVER)MA213:45 PMEB Purpl Clarington Toros2-1Barrie Colts
MA (XOVER)MA223:45 PMEastview Garden City Falcons3-0Orillia Terriers
A (XOVER)A164:00 PMA. Blue London Jr Knights Green1-0Waterloo Wolves
MPW (XOVER)MPW164:00 PMHolly 2 Jokerit White 2-3London Jr Knights Green
MPW (XOVER)MPW194:00 PMEB Green GTA Capitals2-4Northumberland Nighthawks
A (XOVER)A134:15 PMHolly 1 Mississauga Terriers2-0Barrie Colts
A (XOVER)A154:15 PMA. Red TNT Tornados3-5North Toronto
A (XOVER)A144:45 PMEastview Timmins North Stars7-0Markham Islanders
MA (XOVER)MA244:45 PMEB Purpl Scarborough Raiders5-0Northumberland Nighthawks
PWPW165:00 PMA. Blue TNT Tornados3-6Upper Ottawa Valley Aces
MB (XOVER)MB195:15 PMEB Green Mississauga Jets1-1Brantford 99ers
MB (XOVER)MB225:15 PMA. Red Kitchener Jr Rangers Red1-3Barrie Colts
MPW (XOVER)MPW175:15 PMHolly 1 Waterloo Wolves3-0Jokerit Blue
MPW (XOVER)MPW185:30 PMHolly 2 Barrie Colts1-0Aurora Tigers
MB (XOVER)MB205:45 PMEB Purpl Waterloo Wolves4-2Northumberland Nighthawks
MPW (XOVER)MPW205:45 PMEastview Ted Reeve Thunder4-2Duffield Devils
MB (XOVER)MB246:15 PMA. Blue Rideau St. Lawrence Kings1-4Kingston Canadiens
B (XOVER)B116:30 PMEB Green Kitchener Jr Rangers1-1Waterloo Wolves
MB (XOVER)MB236:30 PMA. Red Peterborough Petes2-5Whitby Wildcats
PWPW136:30 PMHolly 1 Barrie Colts4-2Mississauga Terriers
B (XOVER)B106:45 PMHolly 2 Barrie Colts5-3Welland Tigers
PWPW147:00 PMEB Purpl Toronto Shamrocks2-4Stouffville Clippers
PWPW157:00 PMEastview Nickel City Jr Sons0-4Clarington Toros
MM (XOVER)MM287:30 PMA. Blue Caledon Hawks0-2Markham Waxers
MM (XOVER)MM227:45 PMHolly 1 Belle River Canadiens5-2Burlington Cougars
MM (XOVER)MM247:45 PMEB Green Markham Islanders3-4Ottawa Sting
MM (XOVER)MM277:45 PMA. Red Mississauga Beast3-2Upper Ottawa Valley Aces
MM (XOVER)MM238:00 PMHolly 2 Barrie Colts5-0Ajax Knights
B (XOVER)B128:15 PMEB Purpl Mississauga North Stars1-6Don Mills Mustangs
MB (XOVER)MB218:15 PMEastview York Toros2-2Ottawa Valley Silver 7's
M (XOVER)M209:00 PMA. Blue Mississauga North Stars4-1Gloucester Rangers
M (XOVER)M169:15 PMHolly 1 Whitby Wildcats2-0Barrie Colts
M (XOVER)M189:15 PMEB Green Toronto Shamrocks2-2Belle River Canadiens
M (XOVER)M199:15 PMA. Red Upper Ottawa Valley Aces3-0Orangeville Flyers
M (XOVER)M179:30 PMHolly 2 North Toronto 2-7Newmarket Redmen
MM (XOVER)MM259:30 PMEB Purpl Waterloo Wolves1-0Mississauga Blackhawks
MM (XOVER)MM269:30 PMEastview Aurora Tigers2-2Mississauga North Stars
Sunday, January 6, 2019
MAMA257:00 AMEB Purpl Garden City Falcons2-4Scarborough Raiders
MAMA267:00 AMA. Red Clarington Toros2-0Barrie Colts
NNV177:30 AMEB Green Oakridge Aeros4-2Eastern Ontario Cobras
NNV187:30 AMA. Blue Northumberland Nighthawks3-1Oshawa Minor Generals
AA178:15 AMEB Purpl North Toronto 1-2Barrie Colts
AA188:15 AMA. Red London Jr Knights Green6-1Mississauga Terriers
MPWMPW218:45 AMEB Green Jokerit Blue 2-3London Jr Knights Green
MPWMPW228:45 AMA. Blue Barrie Colts1-3Waterloo Wolves
PWPW179:30 AMEB Purpl Toronto Shamrocks6-0Barrie Colts
PWPW189:30 AMA. Red Clarington Toros3-2Stouffville Clippers
MBMB2510:00 AMEB Green Waterloo Wolves1-4Barrie Colts
MBMB2610:00 AMA. Blue Kitchener Jr Rangers Red2-4Whitby Wildcats
BB1310:45 AMEB Purpl Welland Tigers1-2Barrie Colts
BB1410:45 AMA. Red Kitchener Jr Rangers4-3Don Mills Mustangs
MMMM2911:30 AMEB Green Belle River Canadiens2-1Mississauga North Stars
MMMM3011:30 AMA. Blue Aurora Tigers3-4Barrie Colts
MM2112:15 PMEB Purpl Whitby Wildcats0-4Newmarket Redmen
MM2212:15 PMA. Red Mississauga North Stars2-1Barrie Colts
MAMA271:15 PMA. Blue Scarborough Raiders1-3Clarington Toros
NNV191:15 PMEB Green Oakridge Aeros2-5Northumberland Nighthawks
AA192:00 PMEB Purpl Barrie Colts2-1London Jr Knights Green
MPWMPW232:00 PMA. Red London Jr Knights Green1-2Waterloo Wolves
MBMB272:45 PMA. Blue Barrie Colts4-0Whitby Wildcats
PWPW192:45 PMEB Green Toronto Shamrocks3-2Clarington Toros
BB153:30 PMEB Purpl Barrie Colts3-1Kitchener Jr Rangers
MMMM313:45 PMA. Red Barrie Colts4-3Belle River Canadiens
MM234:30 PMEB Green Mississauga North Stars2-7Newmarket Redmen
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